University of Calgary Big 10

  1. Demonstrate the basic science and clinical science knowledge and skills necessary for the supervised practice of medicine, and use knowledge efficiently in the analysis and solution of clinical presentations.
  2. Evaluate patients and properly m anage their medical problems by:
    • Conducting a comprehensive medical history and thorough physical examination; reliably eliciting appropriate information in the history and detecting abnormal findings on the physical examination.
    • Correctly identifying the patient’s diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and medical problems.
    • Applying an appropriate clinical reasoning process to the patient’s problems.
    • Advocating for patients while formulating and implementing a resource-conscious management plan to deal effectively with patient problems.
    • Applying basic patient safety principles.
  3. Apply a comprehensive patient-centered approach in the evaluation and care of patients including sensitivity to differing: sexual orientation and gender identity, cultural and spiritual beliefs, attitudes and behaviours,economic situations.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of disease prevention and health promotion for individual patients and populations and incorporate them into treatment plans as appropriate.
  5. Communicate and interact effectively with patients, families, medical staff and others involved in the delivery of health services.
  6. Describe and apply ethical principles and high standards in all aspects of medical practice.
  7. Exhibit appropriate professional behaviour,including awareness of personal wellness and limitations.
  8. Formulate clear clinical questions and apply an evidence-based approach to solving these questions.
  9. Demonstrate educational initiative and self-directed life-long learning skills.
  10. Describe the basic principles of clinical and translational research, including how such research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients and applied to patient care.

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Last updated 29 October 2018.